Exterior Doors/Frames

All of our external door frames are fully assembled using mortice and tenon joints that are both glued and screwed together and can be supplied with or without bottom sills as required.

Our boarded doors typically have a layer of 20mm thick boards on both sides and have 18mm insulation in the middle. Out standard door frame specification is 75mm x 90mm and is rebated to take a door or 60mm thickness.

We also make door frames for individual requirements. Please see our 'contact us' page on how to get in touch. Glazed exterior doors are constructed to accept 24mm double glazed units.


All of our windows and doors are CE marked which became mandatory on 1st of July 2013.

This is specified by EU and BRITISH law, which enforces compliance with Building Regulations ( Part L )

Within the UK this legislation will be enforced by British Standards.


If you receive quotations from another joinery companies and they are not CE marked, they are breaking the law.