Bi-fold Doors

The bifold doors can be manufactured in any combination up to a maximum of 8 panels. Each way is feasible which allows up to 90% of the elevation to be opened.
These can be opened either  inward, outward , left or right or even split both ways depending on what suits your particular needs. .
Draft proof seals are fitted to the perimeter of the  frame and on all  side edges of the doors to ensure a draft free all year round comfortable living.
All external tracks are available with  a low level sill  for semi weathered conditions or fully weathered sill for doors that are exposed to persistent bad weather. internal tracks can be recessed into the floor to allow an uninterrupted flush finish.


All of our windows and doors are CE marked which became mandatory on 1st of July 2013.

This is specified by EU and BRITISH law, which enforces compliance with Building Regulations ( Part L )

Within the UK this legislation will be enforced by British Standards.


If you receive quotations from another joinery companies and they are not CE marked, they are breaking the law.